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Elevation Organics Crucial Castings 1 cubic ft bag Elevation Organics OG Pro Kit Gallons Fertile Valley Soil Builder 1 cubic ft bag
Elevation Organics Crucial Castings 1 cubic ft bag
List Price: $49.50
Our Price: $39.50
Savings: $10.00
Elevation Organics OG Pro Kit Gallons
List Price: $419.50
Our Price: $356.95
Sale Price: $356.95
Savings: $62.55
Feast your eyes upon our rich, black, organic, unpasteurized and highly bio-active African Nightcrawler castings. These vermi buddies are on a vegan diet based of aged forest humus and rich mountain minerals. Their waste is then passed through a gentle screening process leaving behind only pure castings. You won’t find any filler in our bags. Use in your garden in a number of ways to bring biodiversity to your soil. You can amend before you plant, top-dress, or brew a compost tea that you can drench the root zone or apply foliarly.

from elevationorganics.com
OG Pro Kit from Elevation Organics has everything you need to get started growing your own organics.

Contains: 1gal Peak Harvest Grow 4-2-3, 1gal Peak Harvest Bloom 2-5-.2, 1gal Peak Harvest Essential Gold Ca/Mg, 1gal Peak Harvest Humic Acid Test, 1gal Desert Nectar Yucca Extract, 5lbs Mountain Blossoms Vegetation 7-2-3, 5lbs Mountain Blossoms Rose and Flower 3-10-3, 3qt Fertile Valley Soil Builder and Tea Brew, 3qt Crucial Castings, 3.5lbs Bokashi+
Natural and Organic bio-active soil builder and tea brew. Mix in before you plant, top-dress or make a compost tea. You can’t go wrong with this very versitile amendment. Perfect for all phases of growth. Ingredients: aged forest humus, earthworm castings, earthworm bedding, alfalfa, kelp, fish meal, fish bone, crab shell, glacial rock dust, volcanic ash, beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizae.

from elevationorganics.com